Collection: Transformation Containers



Choose the container level which fits the current level of commitment you have for transformation.

Each of us holds so much potential within. Sometimes all we require is just a little nudge, a little guidance and support, and the greatest things can happen. Do you desire to create lasting positive change in the life you experience day in and day out?

How much is that worth to you?



  • weekly sessions (2 hours)

Commit to the basic level transformation container and receive 3 months of in-depth karmic management through weekly sessions. Includes yearly, 52-day period, and weekly readings, relationship readings, advanced science of the cards & secret language of destiny insights, a personalized crystal recommendation, and yoga / meditation guidance.


includes BASIC plus...

  • weekly check in (30 minutes)
  • (3) 21-day Personalized Meditation & Contemplation Experiences
  • unlimited text / email 

If the desire you have for transformation is at the 100% level then this is the container for you. It includes everything in BASIC plus an additional weekly check-in session, three 21-day tailored meditation & contemplation experiences complete with accountability and consistency support, integration, unlimited text / email, a free personalized talisman, and other special bonuses.

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