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Karmic Management is the name of the service I provide to all who seek to understand, work with and ultimately transcend the individual karma they have in this lifetime.

Through personal sessions, workshop containers, yoga classes, meditation guidance and relationship readings I help people understand and accept themselves a little more so that they have more ease, peace and joy in life and in relationships with others. The spiritual knowledge, which I intuitively share as is appropriate, is gained through the study of the sacred science of the cards, the yoga sutras of Master Patanjali, and a life-long devotion to truth, love and freedom.


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  • Want to know if you are compatible with one another?
  • Want to know what makes them tick?
  • Discover the planetary connections between the two of you and how these connections influence the relationship!
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Readings are based on the Sacred Cards of Destiny

Know Thy Self

If you want to know who you are then you want to reexamine and acknowledge the true self. We can rise above the pattern we have only if we fully embrace it and accept it. Those who think they can rise above this pattern without embracing it are mistaken. It will never work. It is only through love that true change occurs.


Sessions available in-person, via video chat and by phone.