Unroll the Scroll 📜: Sacred Symbols of the Ancients. Part I

gypsy girl with playing cards
The mission of cards as they are generally known is primarily amusement. We “play“ with these 52 bits of baseboard for relaxation, for killing time or, more seriously for testing luck or skill in the hope of gain. We consult the fortune-tellers who profess a special knowledge of power in divination because we “super“ consciously feel that there may be something more to be found than appears in the gains or losses in poker.
The super conscious is wiser than we realize, for from this higher level of thinking we reach the higher level of knowing where — and only where— Truth is to be found.
three kings
The teachings of the Wise Ones are immune to the adverse opinions of the uninstructed who live behind closed doors. If symbols are a dead language to you, with no meaning other than the outline of form and if you have decided that spots must remain spots and that Kings, Queens and Jacks are nothing but pictures, this post is but a waste of time for you. From the depths of a firm faith in it as a revelation, we offer this teaching to the seekers after self knowledge and self and neighbor understanding.
If you are sincere in the quest you will come to revere it as a true and accurate Key to the life plan, the wise handling of its outlines and the just and intelligent dealings with those in the environment. 
The “Gypsy Bible” was a Bible in fact, long before it became corrupted by the gypsies themselves. The Bible established the cards for us as the “little book” in the hand of the angel, bearing the message of the “seven thunders” (the 7 planets), sealed until the time when the followers of the Lamb “must prophecy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings”.
The followers of the Lamb have always held it to be a sacred book, it’s symbols sacred symbols. The Rosicrucians revered it and its 52 “chapters“ as true revealers of God‘s laws. Long before the Gypsy Bible there was the Masonic Bible and long before that the Little Bible mentioned in the Scriptures.
And before that? •
- Shared from the writings of Edith L. Randall and Florence Campbell in Sacred Symbols of the Ancients •
* Rev.10:4,10,11. All of Chap. V.
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