What's Inside The Pack of Cards?

deck of cards
In the pack of cards we have —
2 Colors — Red and Black;
Positive & Negative;
Male & Female.
4 Suits — ♥️, ♣️, ♦️, ♠️; The 4 Elements;
The 4 Seasons. 
12 Court Cards — Kings, Queens, Jacks —
the 12 Months of the Year.
52 “Pages” or Pieces —
The 52 Weeks. 
13 Cards in each suit —
The 12 Signs of the zodiac plus the “Sun behind the Sun“. 
2 “Special” Numbers — 7 & 9.
The number 7 as the center of each suit;
The 7 original planets known to the Ancients;
The dominical or “sacred“ number that symbolizes the force, peace and harmony that ARE at the center of the universe;
The Soul of man. 
The number 9 as the last single number;
The Cycle of the experience of man; The number that includes all numbers and all planets;
The Universal Number. 
The Joker — The “remnant of days“ beyond the logical 7×52, to total the required 365 1/4 days for the travel of the Sun in the solar year. ☀️ This is more fully explained in the “Mystic Test Book” to which we have already referred. 
The Joker is the “highest“ symbol in the entire pack. Usually pictured as a fool and either rejected or “played wild“ in card games, it’s true significance is identical with that of the 0 or “Fool Card“ in Tarot.
In these 7 “ingredients“ we find constant reference to principles that are fundamental and universal. There is no accident in the construction of the pack as there was no accident in the construction of the universe. We can never deviate from the original overall pattern and we never deviate from the natural sequence – ♥️, ♣️, ♦️ and ♠️.
Each birthdate in the year has a card that is the governor and conditioner of it. Each card, in turn, has a ruling planet. 
One of these cards is the most important symbol of the karmas of this lifetime for YOU. 
By suit, by planetary rulership, by the position in the spread, by the number of spots or the picture on the face and by the relationship to other cards in sequence or by the card that is “displaced”, you are revealed to yourself from new angles of enlightenment; you begin to understand the why of inclinations and impulses, emotional and psychological reactions, attractions and repulsions and the ease or difficulty you find in living harmoniously with those in the environment. 
As you gain in understanding you learn to make practical use of knowledge. You learn the importance of choosing a vocation and developing ability and you cease to waste time and energy in cultivating the people and things that have no useful part in life.
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